23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Homiletic Tips for 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

by Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, D.D.

How deep is your concern for your others? What are you willing to do to show your love for them?

1) Reading from Ezekiel: Try your best to warn them of doing wicked deeds; 

2) Responsorial psalm: Motivate them to soften their hearts and listen to the voice of God; 

3) Reading from Romans: Follow the command of the Lord to love your neighbor as yourself; 

4) Gospel of Matthew: Do fraternal correction in a loving way; 

5) Three steps to a fruitful dialogue: truthful confrontation, sincere communication, loving compassion;   

6) A final thought: When in dialogue with a person, remember Steven Covey’s 5th habit– ‘Seek first to understand, then be understood.’

Advise to preachers: Your homily should confront people about evil, communicate God’s love and, above all, show the compassion of Christ.

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