Bishop Mylo endorses “Live Christ, share Christ” Missionaries

The following is the complete text of Bishop Mylo’s endorsement of the “Live Christ Share Christ” missionary workers’ evangelization efforts.

Aware of the many issues and concerns confronting our people today especially those that delve on moral principles I would very much welcome in our diocese of Pasig movements and organizations who will stand for Christ and his teachings.

The missionary workers of Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) is a Christian Catholic lay organization devoted to Evangelical missions and value formation initiatives.  In its desire to bring about moral recovery and values transformation to different institutions, they have initiated “Live Christ, share Christ” whose mission is geared towards grassroots lay evangelization.

In connection with the Year of the Laity celebration and in response to the pressing needs of the times I am endorsing to your Reverences the “Live Christ, Share Christ” to help out with your evangelization ministry.  We hope and pray that many more lay members of the Church will heed our Lord’s command to go and proclaim the good News of salvation.