Bishop Mylo graces Feast’s 10th anniversary

Bishop Mylo graces Feast’s 10th anniversary

PASIG CITY. His Excellency Most Reverend Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D., Bishop of Pasig, graced the 10th annivesary foundation of the Feast Valle Verde Country Club last August 6, 2017.

Bishop Mylo officiated the 10 o’clock in the morning Feast of Transfiguration Mass coinciding with the 10th anniversary Thanksgiving Mass of The Feast Valle Verde Country Club.

Homily: Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara

Magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat. Thanks for inviting me to celebrate the Eucharist with you. I recall five years ago on your fifth anniversarry I celebrated Mass and now I realized it is already your tenth anniversary. Palakpakan natin ang Panginoon! It is also coincidental that as we celebrate your anniversary, this Sunday is August 6 and as always it is the Feast of the Transfiguration. And I think there is a message of God for us as we celebrate your anniversary as a Christian Community and looking at the Transfiguration as the focal point of our reflection. You know we can go inside really in this scene when the disciples were with Jesus given this event. I invite you to put yourselves in the shoes of the three aposltes Peter, James, and John. Like a sense of imagination, if you were one them and there were actually three moments given this transfiguration. The first moment is climbing up the mountain. The second moment is staying up the mountain. And the third moment is going down the mountain. He revealed something to us. The first moment like the disciples climbing up the mountain and I’m sure the climb was not easy kung kayo ay umakyat na sa isang bundok hindi po madali yan kung ganito po’y patag at medyo alam naman natin na hindi mahirap sa mga paa natin o sa mga binti natin o tuhod natin. It is so easy to walk, but to climb means that there will be a lot of effort exerted isn’t it and I’m sure the disciples with Jesus did not find it an easy thread. Picture that on our life event. Picture yourself climbing up the mountain. Basically it is a life journey. Di po ba me mga dinadaanan tayong mahirap sa buhay din hindi naman lahat madali. Pag umaakyat po tayo sa bundok ng buhay kalimitan maraming pagsubok. Like the disciples perhaps they even tell could we still go on. If a number of you have gone to Holy Land and you will go to the Mount of the Transfiguration you will understand what I mean because it is really a high mountain. In Holy Land for pilgrimage you’ll need a van going up there. Imagine if you really walk. And isn’t it true in life when we feel that it is so hard there is a tendency to give up. But mind you, why did the disciples with Jesus did not give up in their first moment of the transfiguration. Its because they knew they were not alone. Number one, the disciple knew they were with Jesus. Number two, the disciples knew that they were together with a fellow disciple. Kaya nga po pag tayo’y naglalakbay sa buhay dapat magpatuloy tayo anuman ang pagsubok dahil dapat maliwanag sa atin hindi tayo pababayaan ni Lord. Ang Diyos nandyan, kasama natin si Hesus sa paglalakbay sa buhay at me kasama din tayo, pamilya natin, community natin, kaibigan natin. Sabi nga natin “no man is an island”. We will never be alone in the journey. We will have someone holding our hand. We will have someone pulling us up. We will have someone even carrying us if we cannot even walk. Because, God is nothing else but love. How much God loves us and how our neighbor love us. The second moment is when they reach up the mountain. The transfiguration happened. The Lord was in dazzling white. You know they say in the Bible in scripture, the mountain is always symbolic of the meeting point between God and Man. It’s quite obvious because the mountain is high Pag umakyat ka daw ng bundok ay makikipag-niig ka o makikipag-tagpo ka sa Diyos. Let’s look at a … survey of the Old Testament and the New Testament of this meeting with God. Remember Moses? Mount Sinai? Where the Lord appeared unto him? Remember that mountain experience before a Burning Bush? When the covenant happened and the law was handed over to him? It was up the mountain. Remember Elijah mentioned in the Gospel. He was up the mountain and there was a storm there was lightning, there was thunder, and in a very gentle sound like a breeze, the Lord made His presence felt and Elijah made sure that he would cover his head. It was up the mountain. In the New Testament that’s the same experience. Jesus went up the mountain and there he was driven by the Spirit to be tested by the devil, tempted by the devil. In Holy Land it’s called the Mount of temptation. It’s a dessett place but it has height and that was where Jesus proved I say yes to God and no to the devil. Where is your mountain? I would rather look at the Eucharist we celebrate as an experience of the mountain. You need not go up Tagaytay or Baguio. Here we have the experience of the transfiguration. What happens in every Mass? Well clearly, the first part is the liturgy of the Word. Have you ever wondered in the Gospel text the image of Moses and Elijah the prophet? It is the word of God. And then a voice was heard, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased…” and then “…Listen to Him.” In every celebration of the Eucharist the Lord is being transfigured to us in the world. Question: Do you really listen to Him? What is the quality of our listening. Is it only by the ear or by the heart? And then, the Bread and Wine becomes the Body and Blood of Christ. How beautiful? The transfiguration happens because Jesus is here and Jesus offered, broken, is shared with us. We receive the Lord. Transfiguration is not only an outside presence but an inside presence taking place in our life. Kaya nga sabi ng mga disciples let us stay here, how beautiful it is in staying here. Imagine that feeling. It could be spiritual ecstacy and it could a spiritual euphoria but that was their moment with God. Jesus they knew totally human and now totally divine and that could be the experience in the Eucharist. Kaya di ba sabi dazzling white nagliliwanag. Have you ever heard of the term ” afterglow”? Ang afterglow me epekto dapat kasi me naranasan na maganda di ba? Dapat pag magdiriwang tayo ng Mass dapat me afterglow kasi me transfiguration na nagyari e. Nahawa dapat tayo kasi me transfiguration nangyari kaya me afterglow. Pag-uwi ninyo sa bahay dapat me afterglow. Kasi dapat dala nyo yung liwanag ni Lord. Di ba pag-uwi ninyo sabihin ng asawa ninyo bakit kumukulimlim ata. Bakit ganun walang afterglow? Dapat me afterglow. You see and that’s why the same experience should be there. But we go to the third moment. They have to go down the mountain. That is very symbolic of something. Lord we wish to stay here but they have to go down. It is the challenge of mission. That is actually what happens to us. After any Mass, after the transfiguration happening in the Eucharist we have to go back home. We go back to our school, to our offices, wherever we are, we share the Good News. We proclaim the Gospel to our brothers. And the question we have to ask ourselves is should we really send ourselves given the mandate of Christ to our mission. Kaya nga po hindi madali. Do you think the transfiguration is just about saying ang sarap dito, ang ganda dito. Hindi po. The Lord will ask us to continue the ministry he started and finished. It is a moment of mission. And we fall short of our responsibility if we do not become missionary disciples. In the words of Pope Francis we are called to proclaim the joy of the Gospel. Kaya ang ganda nun di ba? Magandang makita and we observed as you celebrate your 10th anniversary looking at climbing up the mountain, staying up the mountain and going down. What has been your experience of the transfiguration in the Mass? In your own community? Has something happened to you? To the person next to you. To your family. Has a transfiguration or if you want to put it much easier, a transformation taken place in you individually and you as a community? I’d like to end with this point. Alam nyo, naririnig natin ito palagi, madaling magbagong-labas, mahirap magbagong-loob. Alam po iyan ng maraming babae. Di ba bakit paano magbagong-labas e di gusto mo magpa-ganda punta ka na lang sa parlor. Tama? Kunyari medyo pumuputi buhok mo magpatina ka lang nagbagong labas ka na iba-iba pa ang kulay. Punta ka sa Parlor magmakeover ka magmake-up ka ok ka na di ba? Kung gusto maging radical e di magparetoke ka ng mukha. Pwede ka magpatangos ng ilong o kaya magpa-banat ka ng mukha. Naku mag-iingat ho kayi dyan mrton akong nabasa sa social media ewan ko baka na-encounter nyo ito isang lalaki o isang husband, hinabla yun kanyang asawa kasi hindi nya malubos maisip magandang lalaki naman siya maganda ang asawa pero lahat ng anak nila pangit. Kita ko dun sa picture pangit. Bakit ganito? Ayun nag-research. Nalaman nya bago sila ikinasal ng asawa nya yun asawa nya pangit. Nagparetoke ng mukha. Naayos yunmukha suguro nag-gluta pa para pumuti. Ayun nanalo siya sa asunto. Me nakuha siyang pera. Kaya madaling magbagong-labas e. Alam nyo ang mahirap? Magbago ng kalooban. Kasi sabi nila pag nagbago ka ng kalooban nakasangkot ang buo mong pagkatao. The change inside flows outside. …And let that be our prayer. A transfiguration is a transformation that has truly happened in our lives… the Eucharist. Christ lives in us we have become the Eucharist. We have become Jesus.

(By Conrad Alvez)