Bishop Mylo’s Message for Christmas and New Year 2013

Bishop Mylo’s Message for Christmas and New Year 2013

Greetings of   love, peace and joy to all the clergy, religious, pastoral workers and all brothers and sisters in Christ!

The year 2012 has been a grace-filled year particularly for the Diocese of Pasig. We praise the Lord for having made possible the goals we have set for our Diocese and Parishes. Most especially let us thank Him for making us see the wisdom of it all as His gift to us otherwise we would never have worked hard towards its realization. Among others, we have already implemented  standardization/ centralization; documented policies for the various ministries and departments; focused on clergy and lay formation and started consultation through vicariate assemblies.  I therefore take this opportunity to thank you for your support and cooperation without which we would have not reached this far.  As we strive for continuous improvement in our service to the diocese, we look forward to a more fruitful year 2013.

Hopefully the whole season of advent will provide us with ample time to look and listen so that aware of the needs and concerns of our people, and with Jesus being born in our hearts, we may continue to journey and work together so that God’s love will truly be made incarnate in our communities. After all our task is to complete what he started when he first came to earth.

While we thank our Lord for the blessings He has showered us, we  need to pray more for  strength and inspiration as we tend towards the fulfillment of  our vision/ mission for the diocese. I  really find the message of the angel to the shepherds so inspiring, telling them not to be afraid to proclaim the good news with great joy, for I am aware of my unworthiness and the great responsibility in shepherding His people. Consequently, such message of loving assurance  should make all of us happy and blessed, grateful for the grace that keeps us faithful to  his invitation: “But seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.” (Matt 6: 33)  For as long as we seek and do His will for the welfare of the diocese  and the people we serve, more blessings will come.

One great blessing to all of us are the  newly ordained Frs. Michael Ortega and Edmond Reynaldo, the first to be ordained priests in my time as bishop of Pasig. Indeed,  they and all our priests are God’s gifts to His people in our diocese. Pray for them always and love them.

A Blessed Christmas to all!