33% of Catholics Become Active On Their Own – Survey

By: Ping Javier and Fr. Lito Jopson

PASIG CITY – A summary report on the first vicarial assembly released by the Office of the Vicar General reflected the responses of the vicariates of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva and Immaculate Conception Cathedral while a separate report was submitted by St. Anne Vicariate in Taguig.
Survey questions are directed to analyze how Catholics become active in the Church, what programs are popular in the formation of the faith, and what programs the parishioners would want to suggest to deepen the faith.
The survey results represent some 68% of the participants from the Vicariate of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva and  32% from ICC.
The unofficial results reveal that 33% of the respondents are self-motivated how they became active in the church while 31% are invited by others and another 31% were exposed to church activities and formation seminars.  Significantly, only 5% of the respondents said they were inspired by the lives of others who are already involved in church organizations.
Regarding programs that are helpful in the formation of the faith, 37% indicates that the direct formation is the greatest contributor to formation while 24% endorses budding BECs through block rosaries, home visitations, and street masses.  Those who stick to the usual worship practices like novenas and processions is 16%.  Each of the ministries of Family life, SSDM and Youth are effective in 6 – 8% of the respondents.
Any suggestions for the Diocese on how to deepen the faith?  A big 42% of the respondents opted for formation through direct catechesis, recollections, retreats, PREX, and more catechists and speakers while 21% endorse the BECs through home visits, Bibliarasal, street masses, and endorsing a stewardship program like the KALOOB program of Sto. Rosario de Pasig Parish and San Guillermo Parish.  Reception of the sacraments come in third with 9%.
Vicariate of St. Anne
The vicariate assembly of St. Anne was attended by some 74 participants.
Regarding the reasons for joining the church organization, the self motivation remains to be the stronger factor; i.e., to strengthen faith, to give thanks to God, to spread God’s work, and to have a stronger relationship with neighbors.  Circumstances and influence of others come in second.
For the existing programs in the parishes, there seems be most appreciation for the formation programs or education-related programs like seminars, recollections, pilgrimages, and preparation for the reception of the sacraments while the rest of the ministries come equal distribution – worship, BEC, Youth, Family Life, Social Services, and the PPC.
For the suggested activities, there is a quite equal demand for youth, education, and social services in the parish while Fiesta, PPC, worship, media, and the BEC are not far behind.
The official report of the 4 vicariates is still being collated.

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