Set up the Parish Media Ministry now!

By: Rev. Fr. Joselito Jopson

Perhaps, the most challenging thing for the Media Ministry is: what if we don’t have the budget for such a ministry?  Secondly, our parish priest doesn’t know how to maximize the use of media for evangelization and will just hold on to the usual ways of evangelization.  What is really a parish media ministry?
The work of media ministers is as varied as social communications plan  explained in Aetatis Novae no. 492.  It practically encompasses every world of communications in space and time.
However, no matter how wide the scope of a media ministry is, Comunio et Progressio summarizes the ministry in one simple word: Comunio.
“The media of social communications can contribute a great deal to human unity.  So among the wonderful technical inventions which foster communication among human beings, Christians find means that have been decided under God’s providence for the encouragement of social relations … men are led to a mutual understanding and shared ambition, and this in turn includes them to justice and peace, to goodwill and active charity, to mutual help, to love, and in the end, to communion. The world of communications, then, provides some of the most effective means for the cultivation of that charity among men which is at one the cause and the expression of fellowship.” (Communio et Progressio, nos. 250,253)
It should also be deeply connected with Catechesis that PCP II aptly describes: “Catechesis must be authentically Filipino … inculturated so that the transmission of the message and the resources for assimilating it are Filipinio.  This would require that the Good News be preached in the language of the people.” (PCP II, no. 160)
A parish media ministry is a timely ministry tasked to proclaim the good News through the modern means of communications, in our times today, the internet and social networking.  Even our cellphones are the tools at hand to proclaim the Good News.
A parish media ministry uses every thing at its disposal to proclaim the Good News and to assist in the dissemination of information coming from the Parish Priest and his ministries.
At present, every parish can organize any or all of the following that comprise the parish media ministry: video, internet, print, music, theater arts, etc.
I can help empower the ministers to produce professional looking videos which can be shown at the LCD projector 5 minutes before the mass or be downloaded on Youtube and can be shared on Facebook.
The print ministers can continue producing newsletters in which the articles are meant to encourage the readers to participate actively in the parishes.
In our parish in Sto. Rosario as well as our Media updating in the diocese, I have taken notes on the various projects our media ministers would like to engage in: teaching the parts of the mass, narrating inspiring stories, teaching values for children and youth, defending the Catholic faith, enlivening the youth, doing theater arts, developing parish websites, and keeping the parishioners linked on Facebook accounts.
Whatever our activities are, we vow to contribute our share to bring comunio to the people of the Diocese, to evangelize, increase and strengthen the faith; most of all, to help inform, form, and transform the Diocese of Pasig.

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