Silence and Word: Path to Evangelization

ROMEThe Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI underscored the importance of silence in the world of social communications, especially through the social networking.
The 46th World Communications Day, celebrated this Ascension Sunday, highlights the pope’s message regarding the proper use of the instruments of social communications as tools for evangelization.
Dubbed with the theme:  Silence and the Word: path to evangelization, the pope stressed the inevitable role of silence that enriches the word saturating media today.
“In silence, we allow a stream of ideas to flow… we allow the person to speak and be heard … Silence give way to other forms of authentic communications by increasing sensitivity to the other …” these are some important contributions of silence as enumerated by the Holy Father.
Media, through the search engines and social networking, reveal the innermost desire of man in search of truth.
The Holy Father explained, “Who am I? What do I know? What ought I to do? What may I hope? It is important to affirm those who ask these questions, and to open up the possibility of a profound dialogue, by means of words and interchange, but also through the call to silent reflection, something that is often more eloquent than a hasty answer and permits seekers to reach into the depths of their being and open themselves to the path towards knowledge that God has inscribed in human hearts.”
Such profound     questions direct us to the knowledge of God who holds the key to the meaning of our existence.
Quoting from the message for the 2011 World Day of Communications, Pope Benedict further explained, “When people exchange information, they are already sharing themselves, their view of the world, their hopes, their ideals.”
Eventually, “silent contemplation immerses us in the source of that Love who directs us towards our neighbors so that we may feel their suffering and offer them the light of Christ, his message of life and his saving gift of the fullness of love.”
“The God of biblical revelation speaks also without words: “As the Cross of Christ demonstrates, God also speaks by his silence. The silence of God, the experience of the distance of the almighty Father, is a decisive stage in the earthly journey of the Son of God, the incarnate Word …. God’s silence prolongs his earlier words. In these moments of darkness, he speaks through the mystery of his silence” (Verbum Domini, 21). The eloquence of God’s love, lived to the point of the supreme gift, speaks in the silence of the Cross. After Christ’s death there is a great silence over the earth, and on Holy Saturday, when “the King sleeps and God slept in the flesh and raised up those who were sleeping from the ages” (cf. Office of Readings, Holy Saturday), God’s voice resounds, filled with love for humanity.”
“This plan of salvation culminates in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, the mediator and the fullness of all revelation. He has made known to us the true face of God the Father and by his Cross and Resurrection has brought us from the slavery of sin and death to the freedom of the children of God.”
Meanwhile, in the Philippines, in line with the celebration of the World Day of Communications this May 20, 2012, Ascension Sunday, a Second Collection was made in all masses. 20 percent of the proceeds will go the Episcopal Commission on Social Communications while the rest will be used for the on-going production of DALOY and continuing formation of our Media Ministers. Please remit your contributions to the “Roman Catholic Bishop of Pasig” as soon as possible.
Finally, Fr. Lito Jopson, director of the Diocesan Media and Public Affairs, called on Parishes or organize their videographers, photographers, and documentarists for a video/ photo orientation seminar to be held sometime in June 2012.  The Pasig Media Ministry hopes to set up a video ministry to create documentaries and visual aids for catechesis, church use, and TV Maria.
Back in February, the ministry was able to gather the writers to organize the print ministers tasked to write for their parishes and ministries.  “We hope to receive news articles from the parishes, ministries, and schools for Daloy, our official Diocesan newsletter, and our website,” reminded Fr. Jopson.


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