CHAMP ( Clean, Honest, Accurate, Meaningful, Peaceful) Election 2016

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The Diocese of Pasig hold its 2nd time of group biking event campaigning the “CLEAN, HONEST, ACCURATE, MEANINGFUL, PEACEFUL  ELECTION or C.H.A.M.P this coming May 9, 2016.


This campaign holds for the purpose of awakening our voters for “ONE GOOD VOTE!” . Below is the prayer for the Election:

Prayer for the Election

Almighty Father, most merciful and most compassionate, we place our country in your hands as we choose our future leaders. We pray for your guidance not only as we discern our vote, but also as we cast light on the most important issues of the people and work to put these back at the center of our politics.

In this fervent hope for a reinvigorated people-centered democracy, we pray for leaders who are inspired by a VISION of a new future, not resigning themselves to our present situation but instead chasing the dream of a Philippines where peace and justice reign.

We pray for leaders with hearts that yearn for genuine and intimate ENGAGEMENT with communities, especially those of the least, the last and the lost, so that our politics may truly reflect the will of the people.

We pray for leaders who will be true stewards of creation, fully aware of the necessity of RESPECT for the environment in ensuring the survival of the human race.

We pray for leaders who will stand strong with INTEGRITY as they confront the myriad issues and challenges facing our country, never faltering before the age-old foes of graft and corruption.

We pray for leaders who have TRACK RECORDS that testify to a history of honest and competent service, demonstrating readiness to face ACCOUNTABILITY for all their actions and decisions.

We pray for leaders who have the humility to be SERVANT-LEADERS of the poor and marginalized, capable of defending their rights and welfare even in the face of powerful private interests.

Lastly, we pray that everyone — candidates and voters alike — have the fortitude and courage to seek out, if not speak out, the truth: VERITAS.

We entrust all of these intentions in your love and mercy.