By Victor Pacheco

Photo by: Google

Filled with zealousness to succeed, nights of burning of oil, coupled with prayers to God; and from within and out of lessons from without evolved a blueprint for reaching the heights.

The family’s legacies were handed down, with cautious warning of the painstaking encounters, before the treasures of honors, and achievements were earned to keep; the precious heirlooms for the family.

While gazing at the children in bed the decision was firm, to send them to good schools that would help nurture them for the better. Thereby, with spank excel and out best the rest for their family and country.

Having filtered through the years, history past had given birth, to a facet of life, that engulped the world, admired and marveled at due to the pomp and pageantry of those colorful years.

Thus, was the backdrop through which the world’s families were formed; and, our country was no exception to have fallen into a pattern that had awakened us all.

Values were implanted to their young; therefore, persevering what are kept important for homeland. Their suggestions also included that someday for them to join causes for the good of all.

Those above were their plans and wishes for the young under their wings.

The world around is great and to where resides the region of learning, equally great, would be home for them to dwell upon for a duration of time. There they’ll familiarize and study matters for which they had gone for, to satisfy their curiosity, but, not forgetting Dad’s wished to come true.

Their diplomas will be in their hands that will, without end, gladden the hearts of their beloved patriarch.

The elements were mantled, and the end will be served for sure.

Nature had given us aspects we can use to compare, for easier perception and comprehension, like the growth of the tot to maturity. Analogously we can say that the same can be said of a cocoon that had turned out to be, from a caterpillar that left bare the plants of leaves it had eaten up continuously. Metamorphosed into a butterfly, flew, hovered, and landed over flowers hopping and sipping their nectars. Those prepared will outdo the rest.

However, amidst these achievements, something is still amiss. Out of the blue came a stunning remark from one: “Dad, isn’t there more to life than this?” the home was divided therefrom.

Signs are given to make us aware: When the branches of fig trees become tender and sprouts leaves, you know that summer is near. A watchful mind augurs when it is time to saw the rended clothe, or time when to pull the plants. But, the wise would know which is first and which is last.

A sage’s advice is prime when grading occupations to weigh the degree or worth of their importance. Ordinarily the highest rate is not given, nor merited by one who serves like the yeo-man on a noble house for gold is brought in, not by submissive servitude, but by aggressive form; however, a sage will say that should the servant go sublime, he would likely be one to leave his footprints in the sands of time.

Turning away from this world, and offending no one are pre-requisites to sublimity; difficult to observe but filled with rewards thereafter.

To this moral principle, one of the siblings who caused the division, ventured to do. As the venture grew deeper, soon was filled with joy upon the discovery of a story about a poor uneducated man who taught lessons for a short time, but gained legions of followers. He won The Greatest Battle no one could ever win. Didn’t hold a sword, nor had soldiers to His side. He attained victory without hurting, nor wounding anyone; instead, laid down His life for all those He loved.

He earned the Greatest Name. It is HIM OUR DEAR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

And the sibling continued to learn from the lessons Jesus taught, served Jesus our Lord and never looked back.

“No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the Kingdom of God.”

(Lk 9:62)