First Pasig Clergy Updating And Planning

First Pasig Clergy Updating And Planning

By: Fr. Ramil Marcos

TAGAYTAY CITY – All the active priests of the Diocese of Pasig went through a 5 day regimen of updating and planning together with Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara at the Carmelite Center of Spirituality in Tagaytay City from May 7-11, 2012.  There were 35 priests and deacons in attendance.

Part 1 of the said event featured a two-day highlight of exciting but strenuous physical activities aimed at developing a spirit of bonding and teamwork among priests.  The LUBID, INC., a group specializing in outdoor activities and processing of experiences, helped the priests in this area.

Outdoor activities were held at the SVD Seminary grounds in Tagaytay, where the vast compound provided natural space for games and tasks that prompted planning and execution. Each activity was followed by a session of sharing and processing given by the Lubid facilitators.

The climax of Part 1 was an evening of meaningful personal encounter among priests through the Affirmation Circle, which provided a venue for face-to-face and individualized approach by each of the priests to all his brother-priests.

The Bishop participated in all the activities of his clergy and set the example of humility, sacrifice, initiative and concern for others.

Part 2 of the event centered on planning the direction of the diocese from the vantage point of the clergy.  Reviewing the Vision-Mission of the diocese, the priests plotted the road ahead in early preparation for the 10th founding anniversary of the diocese in 2013.  They also identified key areas of interest which priests were willing to develop and mature so as to give optimum service to the Body of Christ.

This updating event was the first for the new diocese and therefore a source of much hope for all the priests and by extension, to every parishioner among the flock of God in Pasig.The clergy of the diocese emerged invigorated and inspired by the days of togetherness and brotherhood under the leadership of the tireless Bishop Mylo.

Tagaytay Clergy Planning