God Rich In Mercy - 13-14 March 2015

Dear Reverend Fathers,


In response to the invitation of His Holiness Pope Francis to hold a 24 hour vigil of prayer in every diocese throughout the world, His Excellency bishop Mylo Hubert C Vergara enjoins the faithful of the diocese of Pasig to unite in prayer for the special intention of the Holy Father. After consultation with the clergy it was agreed that the said vigil be held in all parishes at 5:00 PM of the 13th  up to  5:00 PM of the 14th of March for parishioners to pray with the vicar of Christ reflecting on the theme, “GOD RICH IN MERCY”. Pope Francis has emphasized the need for prayer and more so in the “power of so many voices.”

In view of the above, the bishop leaves it to your Reverences as to how it will be  done in your respective parishes. It could be held  at the adoration chapel or at the side altar. The bishop expects especially  members of different ministries and organizations to join in this moment of silence as we plead with the Lord for Peace and Renewal of Heart.

Sincerely yours

Fr Mariano Baranda