Homiletic Tips for 5th Sunday of Lent, A

Homiletic Tips for 5th Sunday of Lent, A

By: Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, DD
Bishop of Pasig

Sin blinds us from seeing God who is our only Light that leads us to eternal life.

1) Rdg from Samuel: God saw through the heart of David and chose him to battle the Philistine;

2) Resp Psalm: The Lord is our true shepherd whose light gives us strength to walk and surpass the dark valleys of sin;

3) Rdg from Ephesians: Paul teaches that the light of Christ shines on us and brought us out of the darkness of sin;

4) Gospel of John: Jesus, the light of the world heals the man born blind who believes and worships Him;

5) A final thought: Most of the time, sin is done in secret or in the dark. The more we remain in darkness or in secrecy, the more we sin. Bring to light your sins in Confession and you stop the cycle of sinning. You drive the devil away.

Advise to preachers: “If the preacher’s interest is no longer about their mission but about money, they are like salt that ‘loses its taste’ and a lamp hidden ‘under a bushel basket'” (John Wycliffe, Opus Evangelicum).