Homiletic Tips for Corpus Christi Sunday

Homiletic Tips for Corpus Christi Sunday

by Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, D.D.host

The Eucharist assures us ofGod’s providence, calls us to share what He provides for us and asks us to commune with Jesus, the living bread so that we will live forever.

1) Rdg from Exodus: God provided manna for the hungry Israelites in the wilderness;

2) Resp Psalm: Praise the Lord for he fed his people with finest wheat;

3) Rdg from Corinthians: We all share in the one cup and the one loaf;

4) Gospel of John: When we eat Jesus as the living bread and drink his blood from the cup of wine he offers us, we live forever;

5) Three lessons from the Eucharist: providence, sharing & eternal life;

6) A final thought: “The Eucharist is at the apex of God’s action of salvation: the Lord Jesus, making himself broken bread for us, sheds on us in fact all His mercy and His love, so as to renew our heart, our existence and our way of relating to Him and to our brothers.” (Pope Francis, Feb. 4, 2014)

Advise to preachers: Every time you preside over the Eucharist, break the Word well to feed God’s people with the spiritual food to nourish their souls.