Homiletic Tips for Good Friday

Homiletic Tips for Good Friday

By Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, DD
Bishop of Pasig

 1) The Eucharist we celebrate reminds us of the eternal presence of Jesus in our lives, his sacrifice of body and blood for our redemption and his loving communion in each of us;

2) The Eucharist, then, means three things for Christian action: PRESENCE–“being-with-others, SACRIFICE–“being-for-others”, and COMMUNION–“being-in-community”;

3) A final thought:  “However, does the Eucharist I celebrate lead me to truly regard them all as brothers and sisters? Does it make my capacity grow to rejoice with the joyful and to weep with those who weep? Does it push me to go to the poor, the sick, the marginalized? Does it help me to recognize Jesus’ face in them? We all go to Mass because we love Jesus and we want to share in the Eucharist his Passion and Resurrection. But do we love, as Jesus wants, those brothers and sisters that are most in need?” (Pope Francis, February 12, 2014)

Advice to preachers: Let us break the Word today in our preaching in such a way that we make our parishioners feel the loving presence, sacrifice and communion of Jesus Christ.