Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish LCM orientation: by Fr. Bernie

Fr. Bernie orients the ICC Lectors

Photo by Conrad AlvezPASIG CITY. Rev. Fr. Bernie Carpio gave an orientation for the Immaculate Conception Cathedral Parish Lectors and Commentators Ministry last February 11, 2017 at the ICC Formation Center Ground Floor. His assignment was to deliver series of talks for the Lectors as part of the on-going formation program of the parish.

He talked about the Functions of a Baptized Christian as a prelude to the topics concerning the building up of Lectors as faithful stewards of God.

Highlights of the Orientation:

Functions of a Baptized Christian
1. PRIESTLY – We are called to be priests – function: to offer our time, talent and treasure (everything) to God.
– something to offer
– something to suffer
2. KINGLY – We are called to be Kings – function: to serve
3. PROPHETIC – We are called to be prophets – function: to proclaim the Word of God – a prophetic privilege – a prophetic call – has a serious responsibiilty – the Word we proclaim has honor aspect.

“I’m happy that our Lectors are already doing it,” implied Fr. Bernie.

Pope Francis said, “Let the Word be made present” (the living WORD). Wherever you proclaim the Word of God, you perform in the name of God, in the name of the Church, and in the name of the community you serve.” He was talking about the “purity of intention”.

As St. Ignatius once said, “For the Glory of God.”

Pope Francis says, “Deliver clearly 1) with faith and conviction; 2) with respect and reverence; 3) with love and compassion.

“Every time you proclaim (the Word of God), it should lead you to a change, to a better person. You become more loving and compassionate,” said Pope Francis.

Prayer should lead us to a change…to transformation – to alter Christus.

Fr. Bernie related his beautiful experience when he concelebrated Mass with the late +Rev. Fr. Erick Santos at Santuario de San Antonio Parish in Mackinley Rd, Makati City.

One time the daughter of Jose Mari Chan (both Lectors) shared with Fr. Bernie her thoughts while proclaiming the Word. She said, “Whenever I proclaim the Word, first and foremost it is I He (God) is speaking to. It should lead me to (self) transformation.”

Then after the Mass Fr. Erick asked the daughter of Jose Mari Chan, “What did you get from the readings?”

“Fr. Erick, I was touched and was transformed by the readings,” answered the daughter of Jose Mari Chan.

“That is because you were convinced by the readings,” replied Fr. Erick.

Fr. Bernie emphasized the need for us to have an advanced reading and reflection before the actual service in order for us to be convinced by the readings and experience transformation in our lives.

(Shared for the benefit of the Lectors who failed to attend the regular LCM meeting and for the other Laity of the parish and for the reading public too.)

By: Conrad Alvez
Diocesan Lay Coordinator
Lectors and Commentators Ministry
Diocese of Pasig