Korean Mass on the Feast of St. Kim Dae Gun

Eucharist Celebration on the 24th Ordinary Sunday (Korean Mass)

Photo by Sheryl Padilla Sabequil
Photo by Sheryl Padilla Sabequil


oorinunhana-punigojingjong-hansini-shin YesuGrisdo-e dehansinang-ulgobeckheyahamnida.  Whenyahamyongubunkkesonunirokemalssumhashotgittemun-imnida.  “Sarami on-sesang-ulotgodo je moksumulirumyonmusunsoyong-iitgen-nunya?

(We are challenged to profess our faith inour one and only true God Jesus Christ for He said:  “What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?” – Mark 8:36)

Today, the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time coincided with the death of St. Andrew Kim Taegon, the first Korean-born Catholic priest and patron saint of Korea.  Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, DD  Bishop of the Diocese of Pasig celebrated mass together with Rev. Fr. Chol-Mun An  at the St. KimDae Gun Personal Parish in Taguig City.  As in the previous years, Bishop Mylo celebrated the mass in Korean.

In his homily, Bishop Mylo asked us to be inspired by the faith of St. Andrew Kim Taegon, Blessed Paul Yun Ji-chung and their companion martyrs.  They professed their faith in Jesus Christ before their persecutors.  They suffered and died for their faith in Jesus Christ.  They became martyrs because of their love for Christ.  They were bold enough to embrace their cross and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Prior to the mass, an interview with Rev. Fr. Chol-MunAn was held with Ms.NabelBelonioof #Blessings and Mr.Jeoung-Min Lee acting as interpreter for Fr. An.  During the interview Fr. An said that in his 1 ½ years stay here in the Philippines what he loves most is seeing the Catholics in the Diocese of Pasig which their Korean community belongs to, doing their religious lives actively.  As for the Catholic traditions here in the Philippines, he loves the Via Crucis during the Lent Season.  He also said he loves basketball. He grew up loving and playing basketball in highschool in Korea.

Before the mass ended, a short powerpoint presentation was shown featuring the tour of Bishop Mylo to Korea.  In return Bishop Mylo offered the Korean community “bilaos” of putoand kakaninfrom Taguig City.  The day ended with all the guests being treated to a sumptuous Korean lunch.

The coverage of the mass would not have been possible without the support of Fr. Chol-MunAn, Mr.Jeong-Min Lee, Mrs.Eun-Sook Choi, Church Manager and Mr. ThoniiTabunar former parish secretary for coordinating our set-up and shoot.


By Federico “Bobong” Dela Cruz