MMDA Intensifies Anti-Jaywalking Campaign

MMDA Intensifies Anti-Jaywalking Campaign

MAKATI, June 4 (PIA) — The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is intensifying its campaign against jaywalking.

After getting approval from the Metro Manila Council (MMC) of raising the jaywalking fine from P150 to P 200 including a seminar on disaster preparedness, it is now embarking on an extensive re-painting and installation of new pedestrian lanes within the immediate vicinities of schools in Metro Manila.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino announced that at least 1,300 pedestrian lanes will be re-painted.

He added that eight pedestrian lanes had already been re-painted in San Juan City, eight in Manila, four in Pateros, and one in Makati and in Mandaluyong.

Paints made of thermoplastic materials were used in re-painting as they last longer and reflect at night time.

Additional “Walang Tawiran Dito” signages will also be placed on accident-prone areas to deter jaywalkers.

”Jaywalking along major thoroughfares and streets is one of the contributory factors to the traffic problems and road accidents in Metro Manila. We are intensifying our campaign against jaywalking including painting of pedestrian lanes to ensure safety of the students and to instill discipline,” Tolentino ended. (LFB/RJB-PIA NCR)

(Published in the Philippine Information Agency on Monday 4th of June 2012 )

Source:Philippine Information Agency