Offer prayers and aid to calamity victims

Offer prayers and aid to calamity victims

Bishop Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D

Dear People of God in the Diocese of Pasig:

Pax in Christo!

Gathered for the annual clergy retreat of the diocese of pasig, we carry in our hearts the tears, the hunger and the loss of our suffering brothers and sisters who were victims of the super-typhoon yolanda, those who died and those left behind to struggle for survival. We decided this early to forego our monthly clergy dinner assembly and our Christmas party and instead to donate our budget for these needy people of central visayas.

As one, the bishop and the priests of the diocese of pasig encourage all parishes and parochial schools to offer many prayers for the calamity victims. Our second collection on nov 17 will go to the relief and rehabilitation operations in affected diocese.

As Christmas approaches we are also requesting parish councils, movements and organizations, faculty, staff and students, instead of holding Christmas parties, to organize fund raising activities for the victims, in particular, the children, the orphaned, the elderly and the sick, the homeless and the poor. If possible our parishes and schools will adopt parishes and schools in the calamity stricken areas once we can establish links with church authorities there. They are most knowledgeable of the situation and most aware of actual needs.

In the spirit of Christ’s self giving, let us share a sign of hope to wipe away tears and bring about a smile on the faces of our brothers and sisters.

In Christ the Good Shepherd,

Bishop Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D.
Bishop of Pasig
Nov 13, 2013