Our disposition guide to live a renewed normal life: from the word HOPE

H –         Humility: Magpakumbaba at talikdan ang mga kasalanan

O –          Optimism: be positive mindset, positive outlook and positive attitude

P –          Patience: When you wait the virtue of patience moulds you to become person, a better Christian

E –          Encouragement: When you know someone in your home and community who are heavily

burdened and suffering in severe crisis, we are encourage to listen and take action, a little tap at

the back and perhaps a little embrace, whatever gesture of encouragement to lift up spirit that makes you become an instrument of hope.

Serenity Prayer in HOPE
Bishop Mylo’s version

Grant me the optimism to keep hope alive amidst all the trials and tribulations that come my way, the humility to entrust everything to Jesus, my sure and true hope to makes all things well, and patience to encourage others to hope in the Lord always, Amen!