Support Diocese of Pasig


The Diocese of Pasig is embarking on a ground-breaking, digital-based fundraising program that will allow the diocese to expand our donor-base and reach out beyond our community, across the United States and around the globe.
Powered by P2S Travel, the Best Travel Club Membership on the Planet, the fundraising concept is built around the inspiration of relationship building and the power of social connection.

Support the Diocese of Pasig by becoming a P2S Travel Club Member. It’s Free to Try! Register for a 30-Day Trial Membership:

With your paid travel club subscription of $12.95 per month, the diocese will receive a $5.00 donation per month. As you enjoy the travel savings and value from your membership, you also help the diocese sustain its mission. It’s a Win-Win situation. As one of the diocese’s pioneer subscribers, you will have the distinct honor of laying the foundation of this legacy initiative to support our diocese for years to come.