Pasig Chancellor announces New Parish assignments

Pasig Chancellor announces New Parish assignments


For the first time in the the Diocese of Pasig, a general reshuffle of priests will be held in February 2015.  In the past, there have been movements or changes in assignments involving certain parishes where the need was immediate. The general reshuffle is aimed at providing the parish and the parishioners an opportunity to work together under a new leadership.

In preparation for the general reshuffle, the bishop created a personnel board with the task of studying and preparing the new assignments of priests.  It was through a careful evaluation and assessment of the priest’s charisma and strength to complement the parish needs as shown in the survey results, that the board made its recommendations to the bishop for his perusal and approval. However it is the bishop who made the final decision on the assignments.

We thank you dear parishioners for supporting and taking care of your parish priests for the past years. We ask that they be welcomed with joy to their new assignments even as we pray for a more fruitful ministry.

By order of His Excellency Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara D.D. bishop of Pasig, I now announce to you the new assignments effective February 1, 2015.

Fr. Arnold Eramis, from St. Michael Chaplaincy, The Fort Taguig to Sta. Rosa de Lima, Pasig;

Fr. Joselito Jopson, from Sto. Rosario de Pasig to Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Pasig;

Fr. Amando Litana, from the Shrine of St. Anne to Sta. Clara de Montefalco, Pasig;

Fr. Michael Ortega, from St. Ignatius to San Guillermo, Pasig;

Fr. Roy Rosales, from San Roque to Holy Family, Pasig;

Fr. Loreto Sanchez, from Sta. Marta to San Antonio Abad, Pasig;

Fr. Victor Virtudazo, from St. Jude Thaddeus to San Sebastian, Pasig;

Fr. Jimmy Montecillo, OAD, San Agustin, Pasig;

Fr. Julito Villerente, CP, Sta. Marta, Pasig;

Fr. Simplicio Roxas, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Cathedral;

Fr. Bernardo Carpio, Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Fr. Jorge Bellosillo, from Holy Family to San Roque, Pateros;

Fr. Joeffrey Catuiran, from San Guillermo to St. Ignatius, Taguig;

Fr. Renier Llorca, from Sta. Clara de Montefalco to St. Anne, Taguig;

Fr. Apolinario Matilos, from Immaculate Conception to St. John the Baptist, Taguig;

Fr. Edmond Reynalod, from Sto. Tomas de Villanueva to St. Michael, Taguig;

Fr. Royger Ballaran, OSJ, Fr. Peter the Fisherman, Taguig.

Fr. Mariano Baranda, from Sta. Rosa de Lima to Holy Rosary, Taguig;

Fr. Juvi Coronel, from St. John the Baptist to Perpetual Help, Taguig;

Fr. Daniel Estacio, from St. Joseph to Sto. Niño de Taguig;

Fr. Danny Flores, Sagrada Familia, Taguig;

Fr. Rizalino Jose, from Sta. Lucia to Maria Reyna ng mga Apostoles, Taguig;

Fr. Reynaldo Reyes, from St. Vincent Ferrer to St. Joseph, Taguig; also Chaplain Of SM Aura;

Fr. Pedro Enrique Rabonza IV, from Maria Reyna ng mga Apostoles to St. Michael Chaplaincy, Taguig;

Fr. Mark Sese, from Perpetual Help to Ina ng mga Dukha, Taguig;

Fr. Arnel Martinez, SSS, St. Vincent Ferrer, Taguig.


Fr. Paulino Balagtas, from Sto. Niño to Sta. Lucia, Pasig;

Fr. Darwin Calderon, from San Antonio Abad to Sto. Tomas de Villanueva, Pasig;

Fr. Emmanuel Hipolito, from San Sebastian to Sto. Niño de Pasig;

Fr. Hernandez Mendoza, from St. Michael to St. Jude Thaddeus, Pasig;

Fr. Errol Mananquil, from Sagrada Familia to Immaculation Conception, Karangalan, Pasig;

Fr. Hokan Samson, from Sto. Niño de Pasig to Sto. Rosario de Pasig.

Two of our priests will have fulltime assignments to manage our parochial schools:

Fr. Orlando Cantillon, School director of Bicutan Parochial School, Colegio de Sta. Ana, Holy Family Parochial School of Kapitolyo, Sto. Niño Catholic School, Taguig, and Sto. Niño Parish School, Greenpark;

Fr. Orlindo Ordoña, School director of Escuela Catolica de San Sebastian, Pasig Catholic College, Pateros Catholic School, and Tipas Catholic School.


Our Vicars Foraine are:

Fr. Joselito Jopson, Vicariate of the Immaculate Conception;

Fr. Darwin Calderon, Vicariate of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva;

Fr. Renier Llorca, Vicariate of St. Anne;

Fr. Daniel Estacio, Vicariate of Sto. Niño.