Pasig Diocese to Hold General Assembly of Health Care providers

The Diocese of Pasig Health Care Ministry will hold its First General Assembly of the Health Care providers of the diocese with the theme: “I was ill and you cared for me” (Mt. 25, 36).  The purposes of the activity are to give recognition and appreciation the the Health Care providers during the Year of the Laity and to strengthen and energize their spiritual life by making them realize that they are instruments of the tender, loving care of God.  It is in this field of work that Health Care providers are “called to be saints, chosen to be brave, and sent forth as heroes.”

In a letter addressed to all parish priests, DPHCM Director Fr. Joven Antique is calling on all parishes to send at least five representatives from the Health Care organizations to attend this gathering.

“This will be a great moment to uplift the Spirit of the Laity who are engaged in taking care of our sick brethren whom Jesus identified with, ‘When I was ill, you cared for me,'” mentioned Fr. Joven.