Pope Francis: Let Us Be Protectors

Pope Francis: Let Us Be Protectors


The full text of the homily of his holiness, Pope Francis can be downloaded on: vatican radio.

photo courtesy of Vatican Radio.

The Holy Father underscored the vocation every man and woman of goodwill and not of the Catholics alone, which is also the vocation of Joseph as he succumbed to God’s will to be the protector of Jesus and Mary.

“This vocation is not Christian alone, because it is deeply human, applicable to all; it is respecting everyone, environment and people,”  said the pope.

He appealed for everyone to be protectors of God’s gifts as he also warned about the adverse effects of not following this call.

“Opposite to this, hearts are hardened and people wreck havoc on others,” warned the Holy Father.

“Hatred and envy defile our lives.  Let us keep watch over our emotions.  Let us not be afraid of goodness and tenderness,” reminded the Holy Father.

He takes St. Joseph as the primary example of caring and tenderness.  “Joseph is a strong, working man; yet, tender.  Tenderness is not a sign of weakness, but of compassion and concern, for love…” said the pope.

As the entire Christian community is celebrating the era of a new pope, he reminded himself on what power he wished to excercise.  “What kind of power? … feed my lambs … authentic power is service,” said the Holy Father.

“We are to serve the poorest, the weakest, the hungry, the stranger, the naked – all those who are able to serve with love are able to protect,” explained Pope Francis.

At the last point, the Holy Father emphasized on the virtue of hope, taking after the message of the second reading.  “It is to hope against hope, to let us be men and women who bring hope to others to protect creation and every man and woman,” said the pope.

Finally, the pope asked everyone to pray for him and reminded them, “let us protect with love all the things entrusted to us.”