The Church to Extend Help to Indigenous Filipinos

The Church to Extend Help to Indigenous Filipinos

PASIG CITY – The Indigenous People or IP Sunday to be celebrated this October 14, 2012 is about “relating gospel values to the situation of our indigenous brethren, respectful of their cultural practices.”

This was reported by Pasig Chancellor Fr. Mar Baranda while Pasig Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara echoed the CBCP Episcopal Commission of Indigenous Peoples’ appeal to the parishes in the diocese of Pasig for prayers and for financial help through a second collection this October 14.

The following is the text of the letter of The ECIP Chairman, Tuguegarao Archbishop Sergio Utleg to Bishop Mylo:

“In the pastoral letter, it is stated that “In modern times, Christianity wears a western face. Two movements account for this: Greco-Roman cultures has shaped Christianity, while at the same western culture has been influenced and formed by Christian values. However, through Inculturation “ the Church makes the Gospel incarnate in different cultures and at the same time introduces people, together with their cultures into her own community.” (RM)

Therefore, if we want Christianity to take root among our indigenous peoples, it will have to follow same route. Evangelization – the absorption of Gospel values and Inculturation – expressing these values in terms that are understandable by the indigenous peoples and respectful of their culture practices – go hand in hand.

We need to strive to have a deeper understanding of what Inculturation means in faith and culture, gather and share with one another examples of “inculturated worship and way of life” that are now being practiced among our IP Communities and come up with “models” of inculturation that can be introduced, adapted and improved in other areas.

On October 14, 2012, we will celebrate the Indigenous Peoples Sunday with the theme “ Evangelization and Inculturation.” Attached are copies of our poster.

In this regards, may we request Your Excellency’s good office to distribute our posters to all your parishes. May we also ask for second collections on October 14 for our continuing work on our indigenous sisters and brothers.