Vicariate of Sto.Nino Media holds seminar on Church stand on issues

Vicarite Sto Niño Seminar“Just because there is a separation of the Church and State, it doesn’t mean that the Church will be silent,” said Carlos Antonio Palad, speaker during the Media seminar for members of the Media Ministry under the Vicariate of Sto. Nino held Saturday (April 2) at the Sto. Nino de Taguig Parish conference room.

 The seminar was attended by some 30 church media persons from different parishes, namely, Our Lady of the Poor, SagradaFamilia, Our lady of the Holy Rosary, Maria Reyna Ina ng MgaApostoles, St. Joseph and Sto. Nino de Taguig.

 He said the world today is facing a lot of challenges from most talked about issues pertaining to human life and sex.  And it is becoming more and more challenging for faithful Catholics to live in a world full of secular views.

 He gave a good discussion on these issues such us contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, divorce, polygamy now called polyamory, pedophilia, euthanasia and capital punishment.

 The speaker posed intelligent arguments on questioned issues and provided historical origin and background on why public opinion on these issues has changed over the years.

 He said the reason why the Catholic Church says no to all of these issues on human life is that all these are governed by God-given natural law. “It is not just a question of religious beliefs. There is a deeper reason and that pertains to us being human or our needs as human beings,” he said.

 He underscored that the people or lobbyists who propose these things like same sex marriage will always change the words to describe them to introduce a new meaning that are more acceptable to the public making them think that these things are right.

 He gave answers on why the Church is opposed to contraception. First, the Catholic Church believes in the unitive aspect of procreation. At the same time the procreative aspect is necessary to marriage. The sexual act should always be open to human life. Hence, he said the reasons why the Church stresses so much on the importance of marriage. Only in marriage can new life be properly nurtured. Once this traditional understanding of marriage as having both a procreative and unitive aspect is rejected, there is no real defense against divorce, abortion, “gay marriage” and “polyamory”.

 “These issues undermine the institution of marriage and family. Notice that the acceptability of divorce became stronger after the acceptance of contraception,” Palad said.

 The speaker explained that the Catholic Church is very keen on standing by its moral principles because it knows that once it succumbs to public pressure and surrender even on just one moral issue, all of the rest will fall in a“domino effect”.

 Responding to a question on how lay Catholics can discern the teaching of the Church from what is not, Palad encouraged the Church media participants to read and study the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as well as the Catechism for Filipino Catholics, in order to know the official teachings of the Church.

 “There are good Catechism books now. That (reading the Catechisms) is basic and a good start. Then go forth from there. Once you have read and internalize the Catechism, that really is the only way you can have what I call a ‘Catholic nose’,” he said.

 “Because when confronted with something wrong, you may not always be able to articulate why it is wrong but you darn well know it stinks. Sometimes you may not always be able to explain why one thing is right or wrong but you will know if one thing is right or wrong. For us Catholics, that is a good thing to have – a Catholic nose,” he added.

 Palad said that while not everyone can have a thorough doctoral level knowledge of theology, a good knowledge of the Catechism coupled with frequent reception of the sacraments in order to receive the grace of God are necessary for Church media people today.

 “Very important are the sacraments not just Eucharist or communion but also confession. It is the grace of God that will fill whatever is lacking in you and which will give you the words that you need to say and the words that you need to write,” he explained.

 The audience was completely tuned in to what Mr. Palad explained in a one and half hour talk. Mr. Paladis an associate member of the DefensoresFidei Foundation (DFF), founding member of Filipinos for Life (F4L), a junior editor for Baronius Press and a graduate of UP Diliman major in Philosophy.

 Sis. Lou Dominguiano, Media coordinator of the Vicariate, said the seminar is aimed at raising the awareness and knowledge of the media in order for them to know and defend the church stand on these issues before they can even inform and evangelize others.

 It was an afternoon full of learning and new insights for all the media ministries in the vicariate. The seminar ended with a closing song led by the Sto.Nino Media Ministry. ###