Vicariate of Sto. Niño Media revisits media plan

Vicariate Sto Nino Media planning
Photo by SNP Media

Taguig City-Some 30 officers and members of Media and Public Affairs Ministry from different parishes under the Vicariate of Sto. Niño assembled last Saturday (April 2) at the conference room of Sto. Niño de Taguig Parish to revisit their 2015-2016 Media Plan.

The objective was to evaluate the implementation of the 6-month Media Plan they crafted during the Media Summit workshop held in Pasig Catholic College in October last year.

Guided by the Mission: Pagbubuklod and inspired by the Vision: Isang Daloy, Isang Tinig, the vicariate media discussed the relevant issues and needs that would unify them in terms of strengthening the capability of the media ministry under the vicariate.

Some of the targets mapped out were achieved by some parish like the Sto. Nino de Taguig Parish where media recruitment was done from February to March 2016 yielding 10 new members as well as two training programs for Vicariate and two for its own SNP Media Ministry were conducted.

While some were able to keep track of the timeline, some however, were not able to implement as planned.

Some of the issues raised were limited media memberships, confusing media organization (media was just a sub-ministry under the youth), lack of clear guidance from their parish priest and have yet to formally organize their own media ministry.

The group then approved the realigning of some activities for another 6-month Plan for implementation from April to Sept. 2016

Among the agreements made were the continuous media training and formation, formulate draft by-laws for approval of the body, hosting of meeting/training is on rotation basis with food and venue to be shouldered by the host parish as well as stipend of speakers, if necessary.

Some of the identified priority training needs of the vicariate media are the following:
*Church journalism seminar-workshop
*Skills training for media members
*How to organize a Media Ministry

It was also agreed that a Vicariate Council of Media be formed as soon as possible among media coordinators including assistant coordinators of each member parish.

The proposed Vicariate Council of Media will continuously plan and strategize formation and activities that will help strengthen the foundation of media ministry in the vicariate.

Likewise, they are to encourage those who have yet to form their own media ministry to establish the ministry in their own respective parishes. ### (Lou Dominguiano and Ave Balatucan, SNP Media)