We are called to be a Eucharistic Community – Abp. Lagdameo

CEBU CITY, Jan. 30, 2016 – “The participating seventy three countries of the 51st Eucharistic Congress  have been woven together to show God’s love for one another.”

lagdameoThese are inspiring words of Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo who led the Morning Praise in the seventh day of the Congress held at the Pavilion, Cebu City, Philippines.

“We come together in spite our differences and distinctions.  This gathering is a proof that we are united in and through the Eucharist despite diversity of language, color, and race,” said the Archbishop.

He clarified the relationship of Christians with one another.

“As Christians, we rely on one another, depend on one another, help one another.  The parts of the body rely on one another, we suffer with one another, we rejoice when one part rejoices.  We are together working as a united body.  We engage in acts of love, across, back and forth; we are immersed in God’s mission in showing God’s divine love to all creation,” explained the Archbishop.

Concluding his reflection with the Eucharist, Archbishop Angel prayed for all faithful to be a Eucharistic community.

He said, “Let us pray in the Eucharist broken for us and shared by us, that we may become what Christ desires for us, a Eucharistic community, a tapestry of love.” (Reported by Fr. Lito Jopson, CBCP ECSC, TV Maria)